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Monday, 27 March 2017

EVENT: Matsuri Fever! 2017 WINNERS

Hey guys! Have you been to the recently concluded Matsuri Fever! 2017 last March 24, 2017?

The event was hosted mainly to choose Zamboanga Peninsula's representatives for the national qualifiers of the World Cosplay Summit Philippines.

The event had three main competitions. Here's a list of the winners for each of it:

Art Contest:
The art contest started from 10:00 AM and ended at 4:00PM.
The mechanics and criteria for this contest is as follows. Click on the image to enlarge it:

GRAND WINNER: Ionee Bel C. Garcia
Awarding of the Art Contest Winner
Photo Credits to AMBOX Events - Zampen

Winner of the Art Contest during the Matsuri Fever! 2017
Theme: The Art of Geisha
Photo Credits to AMBOX Events - Zampen

2nd Place: Zjhay Taupn
3rd Place: Gladys Enriquez

Solo/Walk In Cosplay Category:
The solo was merged with the walk-in category. This contest was limited only to the first 30 registered participants. Registration started from 10:00 AM. Despite having allotted 30 slots to participate on stage, some were able to manage to join beyond the cut off, reaching the final number of cosplayers to 36 participants.

The criteria for judging is as follows:
Costume Accuracy: 25pts
Character Portrayal: 40pts
Performance: 30pts
Audience: 5pts
TOTAL: 100pts

Dana Taladro as Windranger in Featherswing Set from DotA2
Winner of the Solo/Walk In Cosplay contest
Photo Credits to AMBOX Events - Zampen
1st Runner Up: Said Noor Ali as Kureto Hiragi of Owari no Seraph
2nd Runner Up: Reegine Malik - Artillery from Dragon Nest

Pair Cosplay Category (Main Event):
For the highlight of the event, a pair was chosen to represent Zamboanga Peninsula during the World Cosplay Summit Philippines Qualifiers. Winners of this event will be sent to Nagoya, Japan as the Philippine Representatives for the WCS. Two pairs competed with their skills in costume and props making as well as their ability to portray their character on stage.
These pairs followed the general guidelines throughout the whole competition.

The first part of the competition was the craftsmanship judging. The pairs were asked questions on how they came up with the idea on who to portray, how they made their costumes and props and why they chose these characters to compete with;

The first pair is TEAM SOS who portrayed characters from the game Dynasty Warriors:

The second pair is ANIMAL XING who portrayed characters from another game Monster Hunter:

The winners and will advance to the WCS PH final round is TEAM SOS!
Lara Florentes and John Pioquinto
Winner of the Solo/Walk In Cosplay contest

Here's a video of their entire performance and on-stage Q&A:

Congratulations to all of the winners and as well as the participants! I will write my own report on the event soon. Watch out for that!

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