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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Matsuri Fever! 2017 WCS PH Zampen Qualifiers Pair Interview

Get to know the pairs who competed during the WCS PH ZamPen Qualifiers at the Matsuri Fever! 2017

First Pair (Winners)
Lara Florentes and John Pioquinto

Second Pair
Michael Billiones and Leo Yuayan

For the complete list of winners, click this,

Don't forget to share the video to spread cosplay around Zamboanga!

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CEE playing Dota2 with Skywrath Mage

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

CEE playing Dota2 with Skywrath Mage

Hey guys~!

So I have been trying to find ways on how to do a live stream of my games via Facebook Live but it has been proven difficult for a noob streamer like me. So I tried recording my screen the old fashion way: using a camcorder and then upload it on youtube. It turned out quite okay than I have imagined.

So here's my first game video featuring Dota2 and yours truly as support Skywrath Mage . Enjoy!

PS: If you know a way on how to live-stream your screen, please tell me how by commenting down below! Your help will make my future streaming better. 

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UPCOMING EVENT: Kgath V: Hallyu Invasion

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

UPCOMING EVENT: Kgath V: Hallyu Invasion

Are you ready for the fifth installment of Zamboanga's KPop Gathering? Yes you heard it right! It's the fifth year for KMONERX KGathering and I have never missed one!

April 9, 2017
Sapphire Ballroom
Grand Astoria Hotel
Zamboanga City

I will still be one of the judges for this year's KCosplayer contest, and it will be a pair competition for the first time!

Of course, like last year, I brainstormed on what to wear/who to cosplay this year. I wore my hanbok for the first KGath and dressed up as Chae Kyung of Goon for the second KGath. I did a Minzy-from-falling-in-love-inspired coord for the third one (which I still haven't written a report yet. Sorry >..<) and did Queen CL from Crush for last year.

Now I have decided to do SNSD's Seohyun from their Mr. Mr. dance video:
photo from pinterest
I totally love SNSD's songs and I can't wait to do Seohyun (she's a great KDrama actress as well).
I posted a teaser shot on my twitter and it already gained a response! LOL

I can't wait to meet everyone. They already released the list of KCosplayers for that day as well! Hope to see your all of wonderful performances this Sunday!
For the Facebook RSVP, click here.
Like the event's official fan page for details!

See you there~
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EVENT: Matsuri Fever! 2017 WINNERS

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