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Friday, 9 February 2018

CEE COSPLAYS: Crystal Maiden

Hey guys!
So most of you who are avid followers of my instagram and twitter accounts know that I am a huge dota2 player (DoTA2 or Defense of the Ancients 2 is a free to play Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game by the company Valve). I actually have at around 3000+ hours of playing the game according to my Steam account (whoops!).

And so, because of my love of this game, I pulled of a Crystal Maiden cosplay when I got invited to judge a local cosplay competition at my alma mater. (Crystal Maiden is one of the playable heroes in the game).

Crystal Maiden

It was a short notice to have me judge an event so instead of having a seamstress make the costume for me, I was able to find a ready-made one online for a fraction of a price! (It was a sale by a cosplay shop and it was ready to ship!)

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I added the embellishment on the raw costume to enhance it's accuracy. It was difficult to sew in sequins and my hand hurt while doing it but it turned out beautifully when I was done with it!

Thank goodness the costume fit me! It's as if it was actually made for me. 

I had a lot of fun cosplaying Crystal Maiden since a lot of people recognized my character. (Yay for Dota2!)

Me signing and giving out coscards while we wait out for the program proper.
Look at how happy I am as Crystal Maiden! It was actually a dream come true for me! YAY!
Me with the other judges of the event.
L-R: Jc, Ben and Lara.
I wasn't able to take lots of photos because I was busy judging the event! Nevertheless, I enjoyed each and every contestants costumes and presentation and I was proud that more and more new people are taking cosplay as a hobby. It was nice to see the local community grow from a group of hobbyists to a larger number of enthusiasts eager to enhance their craft.

Look at how amazed I am watching new faces on-stage.

The costume still needs a lot of improvement. I have already fixed a lot of unstable parts and I am looking forward to wear it again and to show my love for this hero!

These are some of the photos I grabbed from people who asked for a photo of me. Thank you so much for saying hi and I hope to see you more on the next cosplay event in the city!
(Click to enlarge the photos)



Cee and the other judges receiving appreciation tokens from the organizers.
 Thank you so much for inviting me to be part of the board of judges!

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