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Tuesday, 10 July 2018

CEE TRAVELS: Summer in Siquijor (The Scenery)

So because I was feeling down and exhausted after a very toxic shift, I tried to relax and think of happy thoughts to soothe my aching feet and tired body. Remembering that going on a vacation, visiting a new place and swimming in the ocean are some of my greatest joys, I looked for my shots of last year's summer vacation and found my DSLR photos of our annual family reunion at Siquijor; an island Visayas.

Thinking back, I was a bit hesitant to visit the province because of the fact that our annual family reunion will be at this mystical, intriguing island. Truth be told, the first thing that came into my mind were the witchcraft, the mythical creatures and the place.

(Click on the photos for a larger view.)

But the moment we docked at its port, no flying half-bodied women or any other Filipino folklore creatures greeted us. Instead, regular islanders and a beautiful, old church beckoned us to enjoy this beautiful place.

The ocean is crystal clear, the beaches are white and the people are friendly.

Each place that we visited were very peaceful and not so crowded. You can truly relax and be one with nature or enjoy and splash in the water at the same time.

Siquijor is not all beaches and swimming spots. The island is also a place lost in time. No traffic lights, no wifi hotspots, all majestic and enchanting old buildings, streets, great trees and historical churches.

Nostalgia is the main theme in one of its oldest streets. I was much too engrossed in admiring the views that I forgot to ask the history of each of the buildings we visited. Gotta do that next time! 

This was one of the many old churches in Siquijor. It has a brick bell tower that's still working and the church is still utilized for Catholic masses. Some of it's parts are being restored but much of its foundation is still intact.

There was an ongoing graduation mass when we visited this old church that's why we weren't able to go inside and take photos of it.

The street fronting this church is something that came out of an old movie. All we needed were horse-drawn carriages and traditional clothing.

This one below is a photo of one of the oldest monasteries in the Philippines. It's currently undergoing restoration so I wasn't able to take lots of photos of it. By the way, it's located just in front of the old church.

A few miles ahead and we arrived at this foot spa underneath a great centennial tree. Why are they all looking down? Well, the ones cleansing our foot aren't people...

Lo and behold: Fishes are here to eat out your dead skin. LOL!

The process was very ticklish and enjoyed a lot during the entire stop. It was also a nice place to just sit, eat and chitchat after walking around.

One of the last few stops that we visited was this spring with an altar of the Virgin Mary overlooking it. It was a recreation of St. Bernadette and the apparition of the Immaculate Concepcion at Lourdes, France.

And if you walk along the pathway up, you'll see this church with another old bell tower.

Siquijor is an island full of surprises. One visit will erase your prejudice of it being an enchanting island filled with magical creatures and mystical curses.

I would very much like to visit here again and maybe bring new people to explore of the province. A couple of days weren't enough to fully satisfy my thirst of relaxation, fresh air and serene beaches.

Thank yo so much, Siquijor and hasta la vista~

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