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Monday, 6 May 2019

CEE Played Mobile Legends LIVE

Hey guys! So I was able to stream a mobile legends properly with the help of my PC. I feel like this method is better because I am able to organise what I want to show on the screen compared to streaming it direct from the app.

For this stream, I used a software called 5KPlayer to mirror my iPhone screen to my PC. Then I used OBS to set up the game, my webcam feed and mic for commentary and all around talking to my viewers while in-game.

Everything went smoothly with both software so I am planning to do it more in the future although I might need to use my webcam's mic rather than the one I am currently utilising as the latter would give off disturbing feedback that sometimes drown my voice over. Additionally, I have to avoid stooping so low so that my face would show on my live video most of the time. LOL

So do you want to get notified whenever I stream games? Like my facebook page below for updates and see you there!

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