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Monday, 6 May 2019

Cosplay and Black Outs: Who should be responsible for this ongoing predicament?

World Cosplay Summit - Zamboanga Peninsula Leg held last 2018 - Major events such as this held at night can be ruined with unscheduled power failures.

                Power outages are a worldwide problem but I firmly believe that Zamboanga City has been experiencing it more frequently than most parts of the country or even the world.  What’s worse is that these electrical failures are unscheduled therefore no citizen of Zamboanga is able to prepare for the loss of energy before it happens. Thus result to disturbances of activities, damaging of appliance and even interruption of happenings. With that, in my opinion we can hold a few groups liable to the current unfavorable circumstance we are in.

CityMall Zamboanga Halloween event - even indoor happenings hosted by malls to increase their foot traffic can get affected by electrical difficulties too.

Much can be done to alleviate, if not totally eradicate, the lack of energy supply in the area.  Unfortunately, the lack of power supply coupled with the mismanagement by the only source of electricity in the city, the Zamboanga City Electric Cooperative, Inc. or ZAMCELCO, has render the consumers, ironically, powerless in demanding for a better service. Moreover, the hope of a better ZAMCELCO that dawned during the taking over of Crown-Desco of the overall operation of the cooperation is slowly going down the drain due to the fact that some of the debts made by the power supplier aren’t being covered by the new management due to apparent problems that they cannot currently solve. Now, the promise of a better service is still on hold and the customers are suffering for it.

                So far, all involved parties who are obligated to resolve the problem have reached a settlement to help reduce the consistent blackouts. However, from the looks of it, it's only a temporary patch-up to the predicament instead of a long-term solution. We can only hope and pray that the heads of this city can man up and find permanent answers to this consistent problem that bothers all of its citizens.

                What problems does the rotational brownouts bring to you and your hobby? Let me know by commenting below:

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post however this did not influence on how it is written. All thoughts are of the author's own.

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